Information to the guest


Dear Guests for ski season in December 2015 April 2016

We thank you because you have ordered your skiing trip through Fillerhof Apartment & Brownies Apartment and we are looking forward to receiving you.Her you have some information in advance of the trip that we hope you will enjoy.

Do you have questions additionally please write an email to  we must answer them.

Important Practical information

Information for our guests in the Haus Oliver Haus Andre & Haus Annette. Our houses "Haus Annette Haus Oliver & Haus André sold and operation of these houses taken over from this season of Brownies Apartment V / Maria and Chris Brown. It is sweet nice people as our guests meetings when in arriving at our houses. Contact Information Chris can be reached at +43 676 777 4352 and Maria +43699 1134 2776. Maria & Chris speaks fluent English, German & Russian

Please noticeThe operation of Fillerhof - Haus Mathias and Our Apartment Andrè 7 and Casa Filler Alicante Spain remains still in our operation and ownership.

The change in ownership and operation has no consequences for you as a guest and everything is as usual this season and want to rent so it can continue to be through or directly to

Remaining payment as stated on the invoice

Their stay must be paid out from the information that appears on your invoice Fillerhof Apartment invoices for guests Haus Mathias Flachau & Apartment Other 7 Wagrain

Payment must be made to our account in Danish Bank. 4691 056503

Registration Number: 4403 Kalundborg Department

IBAN account number: DK9530004691056503


Brownies Apartment invoices for apartments in Haus Annette Haus Andre 1-6 and Haus Annette

We must draw attention to the amount indicated on the invoice must be received on the date specified in the order confirmation. The remainder of the payment must be received at the latest relation. Date indicated on your order confirmation. Please note that your bank by transferring often charge a fee. Important - When you pay, it will be very important to those on the deposit clearly indicates.

Booking Voucher number on the invoice and name. Payment must be made to our account number as indicated on the Voucher / Drawing bottom.

They must be in your bank inform IBAN & BIC code indicated on the bill.

 If changes compared your order, so we must be informed as soon as possible.

Cancellation they find on the website

Fill out the guest list

Because of rules in Austria, we must declare all guest arrival electronically.

We therefore request you to immediately fill out the attached guest form with information.

Drivers Directions

• Our houses have the following addresses

• Haus Annette Kirchboden 95-5602 Wagrain (Other 7 Kirchboden 69 - Top Floor)

• Haus André 1-6 Kirchboden 72-5602 Wagrain

• Haus Other 7 Apartment André Kirchboden 69 - Top Apartment 26

• Haus Oliver - Wolfensbergsweg 1 5602 Wagrain

• Haus Mathias - Wastlgasse 125 - Flachau

If you come from Germany and is running against Salzburg in Austria must run towards Villach of the A10 Tauern Autobahn Ca 65 km after crossing is by coming in Flachau find. For guests traveling to Wagrain follow signs for Wagrain.

Guests Flachau Haus Mathias to do through the town of Flachau. Ca 350 meters after SPAR is the right of Wastlgasse. Our house is 3 house on the left - there is sign that says Haus Mathias.

Haus Mathias 2 is located in the upper floor. Haus Mathias first Entrance in the basement.

Guests Wagrain Haus Oliver & Haus André and Haus Annette to drive to Wagrain.

When they come into town from Flachau next turn left through the town after the fire station and Spar Market turn left. Follow the green sign for Kirchboden. (Snow chains must be used by heavy snowfall). After approximately 300 meters, there is a small Spar markt on the right. Follow the road to the right until you come to Kirchboden. When they come up lies Haus Other right in front of them. The house is yellow and marked "Haus André". Right next to Wolfenbergsweg is blue house. The "Haus Oliver" See signs on the road.

Guests of Haus Annette continues the same way Kirchboden approximately 300 meters further down the Kirchboden to No. 95 located on the right. Look for a small green sign hanging on a tree here stands Haus Annette.

Arrival & Keys.

All guests have apartments from the arrival day at. 14 to departure at the 10th

Guests who come before or can can be assigned space for the storage of luggage and changing.

Guests to the houses Haus Annette Haus Oliver & Haus Other Wagrain, all from Reception Haus Annette Kirchboden 95 in Wagrain. Here you will find Saturday Chriss or Maria Brown They can be reached at telephone +43 676 777 4352 for Chris and +43 699 1134 2776

Arrivals outside reception time or if the reception is unmanned

If you are coming outside the receptions time we will well know. Keys will generally be in the cabinet outside.

Haus Annette. Note Location: To the right of the door to the reception there is a promotional cupboard with glass door.

Guests to Apartment Other 7 Wagrain Kirchboden 69 Wagrain

Guests must on arrival day up to 2 hours before arrival contact our employee Mr. Murtez Rexhepi.

So he knows when they come. They can contact Murtez Phone 0043 676 606 0384th He will hand over the keys and practical information for you. Mr. Murtez speak only German then there are language problems, please contact the Erik Filthuth on +45 51213050

Guests of Haus Mathias Flachau - Wastlgasse

Guests must on arrival day up to 2 hours before arrival contact our employee Frau Mali Lurtzer

So he knows when they come. They can contact the Malian Lurtzer Phone 0043 650 23,711,493th She will hand over keys and practical information for you.

Frau Lurtzer speak only German then there are language problems, please contact the Erik Filthuth on +45 51213050

If they arrive out of office hours or the house is unattended. So the key to Haus Mathias Upper apartment on the frame above the front door and the lower apartment in frame front indkangsdør.


PLEASE REMEMBER - When you travel following Saturday, the field at 10 check out

REMEMBER NOT TO FORGET to hand over the keys by the same procedure as on arrival.

Missing keys on departure charged 500 kr / 70 euros.

Standard on submission.

In price included final cleaning, (but not cleanup) !!

All Apartments must be handed in best condition.

• Furniture and services are put in place as when they received the apartment.

• Waste should be worn down to the landfill and sorted.

• Linens be removed and placed in the pile along with towels separately.

 If they have had several occasions and borrowed or swapped on service works so please ask in place before departure. It is important to have the services and contents in each apartment, which belongs to. Leave the apartment of their own good will receive it.

Good to know:

There must be no more guests in our apartments than it is registered, notified and approved.

Violation will result in overpayment.

Apartments are all non-smoking apartments. If there is smoke in the rooms and common rooms will be charged 150 euros for cleaning extra. Smoking may involve the balcony shutters in ashtrays. You are welcome to smoke on the balcony and balcony but use ashtray.

All our apartments are located in the best location right at or close to the slopes - No ski bus - On with the skis and go. 

All apartments are cozy, modern and furnished with everything they need - including good kitchen and bathroom facilities - TV & DVD - Wireless Internet - code for Internet's "Rewards" as regards all occasions. The connection works normally but can in the area and during certain periods be some instability. We will of course endeavor to connection works, but assume no liability for any. Operational disruption.

Note when they arrive, we have readied their room and they should not bring their own bedding and linen. We also have a towel for each registered guest and kitchen towels - these things and the place of other property shall not be removed upon departure. There are toilet paper for the first roll then buy yourself.

We want to ensure that the guests after you too are satisfied - we hope that they will take care of our things.

Note - if they have more apartments, it is important that you take things from one thing to another apartment without putting things back in place.

We will also be happy if they would notify us if there are things that break so we can get things done, immediately. Think that they could come by next time !!

If you think that there are things we can do better then email us afterwards, so we'll take the criticism to us and do better next time.

Bread service from baker in Wagrain every day

The baker in town offering compared our homes in Wagrain, daily bread service from the bakery in Wagrain.

The baker comes usually around 7 o'clock and delivers fresh bread, milk, butter and other things.

They must book a day on a special form and they have to put llige money in special bag designed for every occasion. Bread Service is a quote from the bakery in town and Fillerhof assumes no responsibility for this scheme

If an accident occurs.

We ensure from the beginning of the season that everything in the apartment works, but in the same way as at home can stuff

Unpredictable "crash". If this happens then we will urgently do what we can to find a solution and remedy.

Should underway problems with things that do not work or works please contact

Haus Oliver, Haus Andre 1-6 & Haus Annette Chris or Maria Brown They can be reached at phone +43676777 4352 for Chris and +43699 1134 2776


Apartment 7 Kirchboden 69 Wagrain 

Haus Mathias Flachau Mali Lurtzer Phone 0043 650 23711493

Or Erik & Annette Filthuth - 0045-51213050 & 0045 51201982


Other practical contacts.


Do you want to fly yesterday that most of skiseacon every Saturday & Wednesday

- Norwegian air (Saturday & Wednesday)

- Sas - Austrian Tyrolian / Lauda air. (Daily)


Taxi from Airport Salzburg

There are taxi right outside the airport which can be obtained, but it can be a bit cheaper if you order Taxi Wagrain. If you want us to book for you so for a few days in advance.

We recommend.

TAXI WAGRAIN 5602Wagrain Markt 168 Tel: 0043 (0) 6413 7200 Herbert


Indicative rates per 2014

Pauschalpreis von Sbg / Airp nach Wagrain (Kirchboden) ist € 120 bis 4 pax. (Pkw)

Pauschalpreis von Sbg / Airp nach Wagrain (Kirchboden) ist € 140 bis 8 pax. (Bus)


Taxi Flachau 3000 Phone 0043 6457 3000


Turistmusverband Wagrain

Markt 14 A-5602 Wagrain Austria

Tel .: 0043 (0) 6413-8448

Fax: 0043 (0) 6413-8449

e-mail .:

Flachau. Tourist info:

Tourist office Flachau Dorfstrasse 172 A-5542 Flachau Tel: 0 64 57/22 14


Sickness & Accident

REMEMBER NOT TO Forget the Blue Health Insurance Card.

Most places you have to pay cash at the medical center even if you have health insurance cards, Tag receipt with home then they get reimbursed citizen of the municipality in which they are registered people.


Remember that health insurance only covers ordinary illness and NOT Repatriation.

They must therefore ensure that they have the character Return Coverage - travel insurance before departure.

The doctor Artz in Wagrain Dr. Albert Reischenböck

Markt 12 A-5602 Wagrain

Tel .: 0043 (0) 6413-8212 Fax .: 0043 (0) 6413-8212-2

Pharmacy find the close to downtown. At Cafe Bosek road that goes against Flachau.

Pharmacy with night open (If you call first finds the in - Altenmarkt)

The doctor Arzt / Medical & Pharmacy Flachau

Dr. Harold Breitfuss Alter Dorfplatz 1, A-5542 Flachau

Hospital / Krankenhäuser Unfallkrankenhaus Schwarzach, Tel. 06415 / 7101-0 (about 35 km from Wagrain 50 from Flachau) Krankenhaus Schladming, Tel. 03687/225690 (about 30 km)

Tagesklinik Dr. Aufmesser in Radstadt, Tel. 06452/6078 (approximately 15 km)

Tagesklinik Dr. Gruber in Altenmarkt, Tel. 06452 / 5151-5100 (approximately 10 km)

Austrian National Tourist Office

PO Box 1087

DK-1008 Copenhagen K

Tel .: +45 33 73 08 80

Fax: +45 33 73 08 90

Welcome to Fillerhof Apartment Brownies Apartrment and great skiing.

Best regards / Freundliche GRUSSE

Erik & Annette Filthuth & Chris & Mary Brown.